Registration and Fees

The school takes place from August 5 to 17. The participants are expected to attend the school for the full period (lectures from 6 to 16 august)

Accepted participants have to register on the IESC website as soon as possible to provide the details of their venue, latest by 15th june.

Registration fees of 460 euros cover group bus rides on Aug. 5 from Ajaccio to Cargese and on Aug. 17 form Cargese to Ajaccio. The registration fees will be paid online by the participants. Details regarding the payment procedure will be given soon.

Accommodation will be paid separately on arrival at IESC and will amount to 640€ including breakfast and lunches but not the evening meals.

ICAM provides limited financial support to applicants from ICAM nodes to offset the registration fees. PALM provides limited financial support for students from the Paris-Saclay area. Additional financial support may be granted to few participants. If you can not attend the school due to financial outcomes, please contact us with details on your situation that could justify a specific support.

For questions, send a message to We will answer as soon as possible.